Thursday, November 20, 2008


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Gurlz Only! Fish Tales

Me and the Gurlz - gettin' ready to get our FISH ON!

Ladies? Strike a pose!!

And... We're OFF!

Hande caught a fish but by the time we reeled it in the sharks had eaten everything off the line except for its teeth still caught around the lure!

This is where the fishing is the best!
Pull the lures through the bird pile and we're sure to catch something!!

I love this splashy action shot! Cheryle and Jen are pros.

Sometimes we come upon dolphin pods... hundreds of dolphins.
But not so great for fishing since they are hungry too and have the home court advantage!

A water proof camera is great...
just stick it in the water to see what's going on down there.

This was a little guy we caught

And another....

The cleaning station...

Here's a MAGICAL little tuna tale....
This little fella started out small.....

He came to life and started growing while in Barb's hands!

Then he tried to eat her head!

We got a hold of him for another picture....
Wow he's getting big!!

But he wriggled free and chased Cheryle!

He went after Jen too!!!

Could it really be? Hmmmmm.....

Gary is our incredibly talented trick photographer