Friday, October 31, 2008

Kwajalein Yacht Club Swashbuckler's Ball! '08

Swashbuckler's Ball at the Yacht Club this year was WAY fun!

We headed to the Morgan's to get ready.

We stopped on our way to the Ball to enjoy the sunset over the Lagoon...

The decorations were killer!

The feast was fearsome!

There was enough gold treasure for everyone!

Sporting my gold tooth... Argggggh!

After Dinner: Rubber Duckie Race Pirate Games..

You can NEVER trust a pirate. A pirate might take surpirse photos of you...

He may pull a fearsome pirate pistol on his wife...

They like to behead eachother...
(Donna is pulling her scary pirate face... she's much too beautiful to be very scary)

Pirate Wench-Friends are the Best!

Swashbuckler smooches are succulent!

Have you seen the new Pirate Movie?